Discover Your Leadership Voice with

Faith and Courage

Imagine leading with strength, values, and grace built from your faith

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You Want To Be a Great Leader


Is this how you feel?

You’re sitting in yet another high-stakes meeting, surrounded by your peers, but instead of feeling confident in your abilities, you’re plagued by a sense of inadequacy that seems impossible to shake.

Despite your best efforts, imposter syndrome rears its ugly head, whispering doubts into your ear and casting a shadow over your every move. You’ve spent countless hours pouring over self-help books and attending workshops in search of a solution, but nothing seems to stick.

The constant battle with self-doubt has left you feeling drained, disillusioned, and unsure of where to turn next. It’s a lonely place to be, one filled with uncertainty and a nagging fear that you’ll never quite measure up.

Now you’re looking for a better way to guide your team to success with grace, while staying true to your core values and principles…

You need 3 things to lead well and impact the people around you…

Faith-Driven Leadership

This principle helps you align your leadership style with your personal beliefs, providing a strong foundation and a sense of peace and conviction in your choices.

Empowered Confidence

Transform limiting beliefs and cultivate a resilient mindset, empowering you to lead with confidence and clarity. Also known as taking every thought captive!

Continuous Growth & Support

Engage in ongoing development with structured, manageable monthly themes, access to expert coaching and a supportive community.

I’ll be honest with you

I got here by accident…

My journey into leadership and coaching has been a deeply personal and transformative one, rooted in overcoming significant challenges and discovering my own voice.

I began holding entrepreneurial events because I wanted to support women in business and a little miracle happened along the way.

In 2010, I started holding entrepreneurial events for women at the height of my success as the owner of an international home decor business because I wanted to inspire women to follow their dreams. Little did I know those events would cause me to pivot, close my business and pursue coaching.

It wasn’t an easy journey, nor was it one that happened overnight. But through perseverance and a steadfast commitment to my own growth, I discovered a framework that not only transformed my life but has since empowered countless others to do the same.

And here’s the thing—I know that your journey may not mirror mine exactly. But I also know that the struggles you face—the doubts, the fears, the insecurities, the nagging sense of unworthiness—are universal (that’s who I used to be).


Today, I dedicate my career to helping women in leadership positions navigate their own journeys with the same courage and faith that transformed my life.

But, I cracked the code. I tested this on myself, in corporate training and in private coaching and the trainings I offer work. If you do the work!

I understand the deep-seated challenges you face—whether it’s grappling with self-doubt, imposter syndrome, finding your voice, or striving to lead with authenticity in a demanding role.

Many people land in leadership roles because they are good at a particular role they’ve played and were promoted without any mentorship which essentlially sets them up to fail; leading to burnout, overwhelm, quitting, or worse – becoming a complacent leader. And that my friend is not leadership!

So, if you’re sitting there nodding along, recognizing pieces of yourself in my story, know that you’re not alone. And more importantly, know that the solution I offer isn’t just some abstract concept—it’s a tangible, proven path to reclaiming your power, embracing your worth, and stepping into the fullness of who you were always meant to be.

God doesn’t waste any of your experiences, its no coincidence that you are here for such a time as this!


Go from this:


Am I really capable of leading this team?


What if I make the wrong decision and it negatively impacts my team or business?


Why can't I seem to connect with my team?


I’m juggling too many responsibilities and constantly feeling overwhelmed.

To this:


Empowered leadership and confidence that gives you that feeling when Monday comes along that you're ready to tackle any challenges that come your way with grace and knowing you are meant to lead


Draw from a sense of clarity to make decisions quickly, definitively and with a sense of clarity


Effective Team Communication that leads to a team that is happier and more productive


Balanced leadership and well-being that gives you more peace and more time to accomplish your tasks

“I Learned Valuable Lessons As An Entrepreneur and Corporate Trainer…And I’m Sharing All Of It With You!”

All it takes are

3 Simple Steps To Develop Your Leadership Skills

Each month you’ll learn to apply “the 3 r’s”: Rethink, remove and rebuild to each topic for maximim growth


You will learn to lead with a strong sense of purpose and integrity, seamlessly aligning your decisions and actions with your core values and faith. This alignment will bring clarity, and a profound sense of fulfillment in your leadership role.


You will cultivate a deep, unshakeable self-assurance, overcome limiting beliefs and confidently step into your role as a leader by removing what doesnt work. This newfound confidence will empower you to inspire and guide your team with clarity and conviction.


You will experience steady, manageable growth through a structured, monthly approach, backed by expert coaching and a supportive community. This consistent progress will enhance your leadership skills and resilience, enabling you to lead with ease and drive continuous improvement.

Join The Kingdom Confidence Method 

transform your leadership through faith and courage

and become the leader you want to be now!

Imagine leading with the strength of your values and the assurance of your faith. The Kingdom Confidence Method offers a sustainable, manageable approach to personal and professional development, guiding you with monthly trainings that address your deepest leadership challenges.

Move from self-doubt to self-assurance. Through monthly projects and continuous support, you'll develop the inner confidence to lead decisively and inspire those around you.

Integrate your deepest values and faith into your leadership style, creating a consistent and authentic approach that resonates with integrity and moral clarity.

Break free from the negative self-talk and limiting beliefs that hold you back. You will learn to replace these with empowering thoughts and affirmations that fuel your success.

Develop the resilience to bounce back from setbacks and navigate difficult conversations with poise and effectiveness, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth.

Experience a structured, continuous path of development that allows you to focus on and master one aspect of leadership each month, making sustained progress without feeling overwhelmed.

Training Schedule

August 2024 – July 2025


Let me show you the magic!

Monthly Live & Recorded Video Content

Each month we’ll focus on a new leadership development topic which will be delivered live and recorded. content is broken down into manageable projects and themes, allowing you to tackle your personal growth and leadership growth one step at a time without feeling overwhelmed.

Personalized Feedback and Expert Coaching

I will provide personalized guidance and feedback during live Q&A sessions, helping you tackle your unique challenges and refine your leadership approach.

Comprehensive Workbooks, Checklists and Tools

Receive detailed workbooks, checklists, journal prompts and tools designed to help you implement what you learn each month effectively and efficiently.

Faith-Based Leadership Focus

Engage with content and community that integrates faith into your leadership practices, ensuring you lead with integrity, courage, and confidence.

Prayer Support

We’ll support each other with prayer and friendship.

Exclusive Facebook Community

Become part of a private, supportive Facebook group where you can connect with fellow members, share experiences, and find encouragement throughout your leadership journey.

Kind Words…

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I’m brand new to leadership? 

A: This is perfect for brand new leaders and seasoned leaders. You will establsih your leadership style and continue to hone your skills. 

Q: How long will it take me to become a good leader?

A: There is no “time limit” to develop leadership skills and many factors contribute to honing your skills. Leadership is never somewhere we arrive since people and circumstances constantly change, but rather a journey of becoming your personal best. 

Q: What if I need extra help or have questions? 

A: This is a resource for you, so you can post your questions in our private Facebook community and receive a personalized answer from me. 

Q: What’s the catch? 

A: There’s no catch, you can cancel at any time. But if  you cancel,  you will lose access to all trainings, content and the provate group.

Q: How often are the trainings? 

A: A new training is released each month. 

Q: How do I access the trainings?

A: You can access all of the trainings in the portal along with your journal prompts, workbooks, checklists and handouts at any time. 

Q: Do any of the trainings expire? What if I don’t have time to finish a module?

A: The trainings never expire, so you can take your time and you have unlimited access in the portal. 

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7 Day Refund Guarantee

You Have A 7 Day No-Questions-Asked-Money-Back-Guarantee & Can Cancel Any Time

We understand that investing in yourself can feel like a leap of faith. That’s why we want to make your decision to join “The Kingdom Confidence Method” as risk-free as possible.

With our 7-day no questions asked refund policy, you have the opportunity to experience the transformative power of our program firsthand. If for any reason you feel that “Kingdom Confidence” isn’t the right fit for you within the first 7 days of enrollment, simply let us know, and we’ll refund your investment—no questions asked.

We’re confident that once you experience the support, guidance, and empowerment that “Kingdom Confidence” has to offer, you’ll wonder why you ever hesitated. But we understand that everyone’s journey is unique, and we want you to feel completely confident in your decision to join us.

So go ahead, take that first step towards a future filled with confidence, self-worth, and unwavering belief in yourself. With our risk reversal policy, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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